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Ice hockey game

Ice hockey game

Issue Time:2012-04-08

The first popular in the Netherlands. The middle of the s, in Britain and Norway, Sweden and the Nordic countries rapidly. 19 century Russia to formulate rules and game, known as "the Russian ice hockey". Sweden in 1901 for the first time held bendigo game, was established in 1903 Norway bendigo club. Established in 1902 Russia ice hockey mobile trophy, regularly held in st. Petersburg. In 1910, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Russia to create the northern ice hockey federation, because the rules are not unified, northern Europe and Russia bendigo ice hockey formed two factions. In 1953, two factions unified rules. In 1955, Sweden, Finland, Norway and the Soviet union and other countries under the sponsorship of congress, the establishment of an international ice hockey federation, will the naming of the movement for ice hockey, and formulate unified rules of the game. In 1957, the first world championships held ice hockey. Since 1961, be held once every two years.
Ice hockey in 1952 winter Olympics have been listed as performance project

The name of the game: ice hockey
The game English name: Icebreaker Hockey
Game types: sports racing
The game language: English

Running environment: 1.5 games LOGO
Ice Hockey Icebreaker Hockey by Digital Legends Entertainment development, NaturalMotion Games to sale. And the game use morpheme animation engine to make, said to be a better picture performance and smooth action figures. At the same time the game will be in the third person to say perspective, operation of the way it will be in the form of virtual keys. Other aspects, the Game will have two different mode, three different grades and the difficulty of the Game Center grades rankings

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