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How to Play Casual Soccer Games With Your Child

How to Play Casual Soccer Games With Your Child

Issue Time:2010-10-13

Casual soccer offers your child a chance to improve skills, and gives you a chance to enhance your relationship. You don't have to be an expert in the game to kick a ball around.
Conduct a juggling competition. Count how many times a player can juggle (keep the ball in the air using various parts of the body, except hands and arms) before the ball touches the ground.
Try "soccer golf." Designate "holes" such as trees around your yard or strategically placed cones, and count how many kicks it takes a player to reach each one.
Play cone knockdown. Have several players, each with a ball, stand in a circle with several cones placed in the middle. Players simultaneously kick the balls back and forth, attempting to knock down cones with each shot.
Practice heading the ball. Stand 10 yards apart, facing each other, with markers set behind one person to act as the goal. One person tosses a ball to the other, who attempts to score by heading the ball between the goal markers. The server acts as a goalkeeper, trying to stop the ball.
Shoot. Kick a ball against the side of a brick building. Once the first player kicks, the second player must kick the ball on the rebound before it stops moving or passes him or her.
Give traditional games a soccer theme. Follow the Leader is a good example: Each player performs a skill the next player must duplicate. Try Keep Away with restrictions, such as using the left foot only or keeping the ball below head height.

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